A.I.M. to Empower is a non-profit organization, centered around the three practices and techniques of Baptiste yoga—Asana, Inquiry, and Meditation.

We are dedicated to transforming and uplifting communities by creating connection.


our mission

Creating Connection and Opportunity through the practices of Yoga.


We provide free outreach yoga classes throughout
the Lancaster, York and Harrisburg areas,
in order to fulfill our mission.

our core values

  • Accountability: All change starts with responsibility.

  • Unity: Breaking down the barriers of fear creates unity.

  • Empowerment & Results: We use the tools of Asana, Inquiry and Mediation to facilitate change.

This is my 3rd day as an inmate at Lancaster County Prison and my 3rd day in the most anxious, stressful, fearful state of my life.

In yoga this evening, I was able to find quiet in the noisiest place I have ever been and focus in the most mind-jarring place I have ever found myself. It was wonderful... I practice yoga in my “regular life.”

It has been an integral part of a long journey to find calmness in my life. I’m a fitness enthusiast, and it has proven to be unparalleled in its ability to challenge my muscles and improve my flexibility. But most importantly, it has helped to fill a spiritual hole, a something’s missing that’s been chasing me for years. I just love it!”
— Lancaster County Prison Inmate